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Dr. Anupama Yadav


I take it as a proud privilege to be communicating with the students of the college. Situated in rural surroundings, Govt. College Badli is going up the ladder of progress. Established in Sept. 2000, this institution is proving to be an asset more for girl-students, who would have otherwise had to travel distances to receive higher education. Our aim in this college would be to mould our students into good human beings and good citizens of our nation. It is primarily in the endeavors of youth alone that the future of our nation lies. They are the custodians of the heritage of our country. They, therefore, need to be chiseled into youth with logical minds. At the same time, it becomes our duty to make the students realize what their aims and duties should be in life. They should be able to know what education means. Education does not merely mean receiving bookish knowledge. It is something more than that. It is imparting good values to the students. For that, teachers themselves have to become role- models and students have to imbibe with utmost sincerity whatever they are taught. It has to be a pious teacher-taught relationship. I am sure, as students of this college they shall see the fructification of their dreams. I wish you all good luck in the college.